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                             Empathy Project
               Trading Places-Kids Helping Kids-“Turning It Around”

MISSION: To create an atmosphere of caring and empathy among middle school
children and youth that will eradicate and/or reduce their violent and fighting

NEED: The escalation of violence among our children is to the point of kicking and
stomping each other in the head and face for reasons such as: “they always in
people’s business, “Snitching,” and over a boy.

HOW: To start by training and providing intervention to 200 middle and high school
age children/youth that live, attend church, or school in the zip codes of 33142 and
33147. These children/youth will facilitate Empathy Circles among their peers to
eradicate/reduce the violence among their peers. Risk levels will be assessed to
determine each child’s needs that participate in the Empathy Circle and the
appropriate referrals will be made.

WE MUST INVEST IN OURSELVES: It costs $600 to train & provide intervention to
each child/youth for one year. This cost is broken down to include training, staff, and
intervention for one year. Solid Rock is ASKING that YOU, the Churches support and
partner with us by:
sponsoring a child & receive free books written by Arnetha;
your members purchase Power of the Blood at Work-Broken Veil ebook for
$2.00 + tax until 4/15/2015; & explore other ways we can partner (such as serve as
a site for the initial start-up, expansion, training, &/or church program development).

For more information contact Arnetha: restorativejusticetraining@yahoo.com, www.
solidrockent.org,  arnethathomas@yahoo.com and/or visit www.arnethathomas.com.

Solid Rock successfully serves student victims, disadvantage students, families,
schools, and community to reach win/win resolutions and reconciliation through
Restorative Justice Practices, Kingian Nonviolence, Peer Mediation, & Family  
Mediation. We address victimization, fighting & bullying behaviors; dispel rumors,
social media issues & more. See http://miami.cbslocal.com/2013/01/21/focus-on-
south-florida-17/#.UP2uEfqZRs4.email. Also provide Professional Staff Development
Training for schools, organizations, & communities. We train parents & students.
Vision of Community Hope, Healing, & Harmony.